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Action for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection for Communities(ASDEP-CO)

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Date de creation : 15 Janvier 2018

Numero et date d'autorisation : 01/AR/E.26/ALPAS/CB/PS/118 - 15 Février 2018

Missions et objectifs

ASDEP-CO is a community based organization working with communities with the objective to improve the management of local resources for sustainability and improvement of lives of the rural population. To achieve this, one of the strategies put in plan with the team of experts is the:

  • Conceive and initiate developmental projects ensuring the minimization of environmental hazards.
  • Carry out development studies for communities through participatory diagnosis approach.
  • Conduct a participatory need assessment in communities, identify the resources available and plan the execution of local solutions using the available resources to solve the particular problems identified.

Our goal is to create stable improvements on the living standards of individuals and communities in Cameroon. We are leading communities towards self-reliance and sustainable environmental practices through education, research, and innovative strategies to build economic capacities and potential.

Our Objectives

Our activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating development projects minimizing environmental hazards.
  • Carrying out studies on development for communities through a participatory diagnosis approach.
  • Carrying out community agricultural activities with the use of modern tools and techniques.
  • Engaging in the production and sale of the Oku white honey and its by-products (ex: combs and wax processing) and bringing together all bee farmers under one banner of efficiency and quality production.
  • Conservation and environmental education.
  • Engaging in community wood carving and all assorted crafts, artifacts, sales and exhibitions.
  • Promoting Cameroonian culture and traditional values through ecotourism.
  • Fighting poverty by encouraging self-reliant activities through the sustainable use of local materials.
  • Collaboration with national and international organizations in humanitarian activities for the betterment of the local people.
  • Engaging in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Promoting peace, unity, and coexistence among Cameroonians of various walks of life by bringing people together under one organization.
  • Offering education through workshops, seminars, events and exhibitions in order to teach members and participants techniques on resource conservation and modern methods in various industries such as bee keeping, honey and wax processing, wood carving, and woven products.
  • Improving lives by using a multi-sectorial and holistic approach that values local human and natural resources.

Overall, our areas of action touch on issues of water, hygiene, sanitation, public health, education, micro-financing, food security, conservation, tourism, the promotion of cultural heritage, community empowerment and capacity building.

Our mission

ASDEP-CO collaborates with other organizations and institutions to create stable, sustainable improvement on the living standards of individuals and communities in Cameroon by building their potential and capacities through innovative strategies and efficient management of resources.


Siege social : Elak-Oku

Localisation : Elak-Oku