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African Environmental Network(AEN)


Siège social : Yaoundé

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Date de creation : 14 Novembre 2023

Numero et date d'autorisation : - 14 Novembre 2023

Missions et objectifs

African Environmental Network is an organization working to contribute to the management of environmental risks while ensuring the restoration of the environment and its preservation for a better living environment of ecosystems and a positive improvement in the provision of ecosystem services. To do this, we carry out projects development, promotion, training, research, awareness and communication actions with members.

We are dedicated to contributing to a world where people living in harmony with a healthy nature are able to better adapt and mitigate the effects of anthropogenic and natural environmental changes.

AEN has five strategic priorities:

  • Climate change (adaptation, mitigation and loss and damage);
  • Water and renewable energy;
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem-based management;
  • Waste management and pollution control in different ecosystems;
  • Disaster Risk Reduction;
  • Technology, environmental monitoring and communication and governance.