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Rural Women Relief Association(RUWRA)


Siège social : Njinikom

Localisation : Njinikom

Infos legales

Date de creation : 21 Avril 2022

Numero et date d'autorisation :03/ACK/E.32/SAAJP - 07 Juillet 2023

Missions et objectifs

Our objectives are :

  • To buid the capacity of rural women and young girls on peace building process leadership skills and women's rights;
  • Improve the livelihoods of women, especially women with disabilities, widows, single mothers and orgphans to live with dignity;
  • To improve the professional and personal development of women through provision of opportunities for support skills;
  • Work with women's groups to facilitate collaboration and different activities on rights based livelihood development and sustainability of the natural ecology;
  • Prevention and protection of women and young girls from sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking;
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to women and young girls in different situations.