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Youth and Gender Initiative(YOGI)


Siège social : Bamenda

Infos legales

Date de creation : 16 Mai 2021

Numero et date d'autorisation :015/RDA/E.31/067/ALPAS - 23 Novembre 2022

Missions et objectifs

Youth and Gender Initiative (YOGI) is a Youth and Women centred Civil Society Organisation started freely by some community youths and women. its registration with the authorities bearing declaration number 015/RDA/E.31/067/ALPAS on 23 November 2022 in conformity with article 7 of Law No. 90/053 of 19 December 1990 governing freedom of association in Cameroon. The association is not-for-profit and non-political. The vision of the organisation is to empower youths and women for sustainable livelihood. We are determined to promote development by leveraging youths and womenâ??s potentials


  • To Promote youthsâ?? engagement in meaningful development and civic responsibilities;
  • Promote Education through sensitization and coaching;
  • To promote communities free from gender-based violence, stigmatization, discrimination, and exclusion of women, youth and girls;
  • Leverage on women and youth energy for environmental conservation.