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Mother Gladys Medical Foundation


Siège social : Limbé

Localisation : Mile 1, Caterpillar Field Road, Limbe, Cameroon

Infos legales

Date de creation : 09 Avril 2023

Numero et date d'autorisation : - 09 Avril 2023

Missions et objectifs

The Mother Gladys Medical Foundation was founded in 2020 by Desmond Oben in honor of his late mother, Gladys. Gladys was a nurse aid in Limbe, Cameroon, and dedicated her life to public health and raising her own healthy, happy children. She believed in changing the health of her community, of her country, for the better. Her son Desmond, a Certified Senior Nurse, grew up to share this passion and continues her legacy of providing health care for all.

An apolitical and non-denominational organization with NGO status since March 2022, the Mother Gladys Medical Foundation is located in Limbe with a health center open to the public and led by a dedicated team of health care professionals.

We believe that education and knowledge have the potential to make the world a better place, so we regularly hold health awareness campaigns. Through live Q&A chats on social media, public speaking engagements and programs in collaboration with schools and churches, we help spread knowledge on health issues and concerns and inspire positive change at the local level.

​In addition to health awareness activities, we provide quality health care services at affordable prices because we believe that no one should be denied access to health care due to financial limitations.