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South West Farmers Cooperative Union(SOWEFCU)


Siege social : Kumba

Localisation : Buea Road in Kumba, directly opposite the National

Infos legales

Date de creation : 21 Septembre 1979

Numero et date d'autorisation : - 21 Septembre 1979

Missions et objectifs

The South West Farmers Cooperative Union (SOWEFCU) Limited is a body which encompasses farmers in the South West Region of Cameroon.

Being a brainchild of those behind the produce, it therefore is only logical that they are best qualified to guarantee the customers the best produce. And too, continuity of supply is guaranteed through its cohesive harvest and storage mechanism, which in most cases is independent of the season.

SOWEFCU LTD with its broad based tentacles and tap roots seated in the cooperatives guarantees high quality produce. SOWEFCU can steady supply a barrage of farm produce, but those readily available include: COCOA, ROBUSTA COFFEE, BANANA, PLANTAIN, CASHEW, COLANUTS AND BUSH MANGO.